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Dean Domino
“Get up without my permission, I'll blast your ass so far through your head, it'll turn the moon cherry pie red
你要是敢未经我同意就站起来,我就把你从头到腚全炸烂,血能溅到月亮上去”—Dean Domino


地点:Sierra Madre 赌场


出现:Dead Money
提及:Fallout: New Vegas
任务:Find Collar 14: Dean Domino
      Strike Up the Band
      Curtain Call at the Tampico


道德:中立(译者吐槽一下,新维加斯里中立人真的好多,Dean Domino完全有资格拿个Evil)


生命:105 → 275(最大330)
击倒:260 → 560(最大710)

爆炸:45 → 100
枪法:53 → 100


扮演者:Barry Dennen
Base ID: xx0012fe
Ref ID : xx001309


Dean Domino, a.k.a. the King of Swing, was a famous pre-war lounge singer, now ghoulified and trapped in the Sierra Madre in 2281.
迪恩多米诺,又被称为“摇摆之王”,是一个著名的战前Lounge歌手(Lounge是一种慵懒的音乐风格)。2281年时,他已经变成了僵尸,被困在了Sierra Madre。(译者在这里有异议,严格来说他是被困在了The Villa更合适)

Domino and his orchestra gave performances across the United States, including the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. He was invited to play at the Sierra Madre, but found himself in the shadow of the casino's founder, Frederick Sinclair. Domino found himself consumed by jealousy, and determined to take everything from Sinclair that he held dear. He enlisted the help of his former lover Vera Keyes, a starlet who had caught Sinclair's eye. Domino introduced them as part of his plan to break into the casino vault, where he would take whatever it was that Sinclair had there that was so important. However, Keyes got cold feet, so in order to ensure her continued co-operation, Domino began to blackmail her with evidence of a Med-X addiction, apparently unaware that her addiction was a result of her being terminally ill. His final gig was to be at the Tampico, but that all changed when the bombs dropped, the security holograms activated and the Gala Event turned into a massacre.
多米诺和他的乐队在美国各地巡演,演出地点也包括拉斯维加斯大道上的赌场。他被邀请去Sierra Madre表演,却发现自己被笼罩在赌场的创始人弗雷德里克辛克莱尔的阴影之下。多米诺为嫉妒所驱使,决定夺走一切辛克莱尔珍视的东西。他向前女友维拉凯耶斯求助。维拉是一个年轻明星,她已经得到了辛克莱尔的青睐。多米诺为两人牵线搭桥,这是他闯入赌场避难所计划的一部分,他企图夺走避难所里一切重要的东西。然而,维拉胆怯了。为了让维拉继续合作,多米诺开始用她对Med-X上瘾的证据勒索她,多米诺没有想到维拉的药瘾是患上不治之症的结果。按照计划多米诺的演唱会在Tampico剧场举行,但核爆改变了一切。全息图像安保系统启动,将赌场开幕式变成了一场大屠杀。

Domino survived the apocalypse and the casino's security systems, but refused to let go of the Sierra Madre's treasure, becoming obsessed with it. He would spend the next two hundred years plotting his grand heist, not caring that Sinclair was dead, and oblivious to the fact that he had long since discovered Domino's plan and prepared a trap within the casino vault. However, he was captured by Dog and fitted with an explosive collar, forced to work for Father Elijah in breaking into the casino. Although his ability to obtain the treasure may have diminished with this development, his lust for it most certainly has not.
多米诺在核爆和赌场的安保系统中捡回了一条命,但他不想放弃Sierra Madre的财宝。在接下去的两百年时间里,他执着于他的大抢劫计划,无视辛克莱尔已死,并在死前就察觉到了自己的计划,还在赌场避难所里设下圈套的事实。然而,他被Dog抓住,装上了爆炸项圈,被迫为以利亚长老的计划服务。虽然他的战斗力在漫长岁月中退化了不少,但他的贪婪未曾消退过。

He is a quick thinker, trained with guns (specifically pistols), explosives and knives, he is very paranoid, setting up many booby traps and hiding several 'secret stashes' throughout the Villa - perhaps understandably, considering the Ghost People who inhabit it.
多米诺可说是足智多谋,精通枪法(尤其是手枪),爆炸物和刀法。他是个偏执狂,设下许多恶作剧般的陷阱,在Villa藏了许多秘密补给。考虑到Ghost People的存在,这些行为还算说得过去。

Dean waited all this time until Christine Royce, a woman, appears. When the Courier and his group enter in the Sierra Madre Casino, he trapped the unwitting Christine Royce in an Auto-Doc and reprogrammed it to tear out her vocal cords and replace them in such a manner  that she would be able to imitate Keyes' voice.
多米诺总算等到了克里斯汀罗伊斯的出现。当邮差和他的小队进入Sierra Madre赌场时,他把昏迷的克里斯汀罗伊斯困在了一台Auto-Doc医疗机里,医疗机重新编程后给克里斯汀罗伊斯换上了维拉凯耶斯的声带。

His ego is very fragile, and the player is encouraged to take care not to bruise it when dealing with Domino, lest it carry dire consequences down the line

Interactions with the player character Edit

人物特征:暂时伙伴,提供Perk“Unclean Living”(闯进红雾时能在一小段时间内不受伤害)
涉及任务:Find Collar 14: Dean Domino
                    Strike Up the Band
                    Curtain Call at the Tampico


Dean Lives

Dean Domino, entertainer, singer... thief... explored the Sierra Madre not long after. Once he left the theater, the Sierra Madre recognized him as a guest, and many doors opened to him. He had to admit, it had been built to last. During his search, he came across the final records of Vera and Sinclair, and realized what happened the night the bombs fell. He felt strangely sad for a moment, and he had no idea why. Shrugging it off, his mind turned instead to where the Courier had come from. Vegas still survived, out there in the Mojave. Its sights, sounds... and casinos, ripe for the taking. So giving the Sierra Madre one last nod and a wink, he set off beyond the Cloud to begin again.
迪恩多米诺,艺人,歌手…小偷…不久后探索了Sierra Madre。他一离开Tampico剧场,Sierra Madre就识别出了他,大门为他敞开。他不得不承认,Sierra Madre经受住了岁月的考验(译注:这句我不是很确定,有更好的译法么?)。他找到了维拉和辛克莱尔临终的遗言,想起了核爆的那天晚上,突然感到一股莫名的忧伤。收拾起这股心绪,多米诺的视线转向了邮差来时的方向。新维加斯依然耸立在莫哈维废土上,声色犬马,杯盏交错。向Sierra Madre最后一次点头致意后,多米诺走出红云,重新开始。

Dean Dies

Dean Domino, entertainer, singer... thief... saw the heist he spent over two hundred years planning fall apart, just as the first, by underestimating his partner's strength. Not long after the Courier left the Villa, the lights in the theater shut off, one by one. Only Dean's Hologram remained on stage, singing silently to an empty room. Still... as consumed as he had been with its riches and ruin, the Sierra Madre had held him captive long ago.
迪恩多米诺,艺人,歌手…小偷…目睹了他苦心经营两百余年的抢劫计划付诸东流,和上一次一样,迪恩又一次低估了对手的实力。邮差离开Villa后不久,Tampico剧场的灯光一盏盏熄灭。只留下迪恩的全息影像仍站在舞台上,无声地面对房间歌唱。迪恩见证了Sierra Madre的繁荣与毁灭,他早已成了Sierra Madre的俘虏。




■Although Dean is set to level as the player does, and thus will only ever reach level 35, his maximum allowed level is 50.

■Dean's only tagged skills are Explosives and Guns. This makes Dean the only humanoid NPC in Fallout: New Vegas without a third tagged skill.

■When the player is traveling with Dean, he is able to protect the player briefly from the Cloud. After that he will offer them resistance to its health-depleting effects, reducing damage by 25%.

■Posters of Dean appear in the Mojave Wasteland such as in The King's room, and on loading screens in abandoned casinos, advertising a planned appearance by the singer.

■If the player has the Wild Wasteland trait, Dean will reference Army of Darkness when he kills a ghost person for the first time, "He's not dead, it's a trick. Get an axe.".
■如果玩家点了Wild Wasteland这个perk,迪恩会在第一次杀掉Ghost People时向电影《鬼玩人3:魔界英豪》致敬——“他没死,这是个陷阱,拿斧子来!”

■Domino can make Sierra Madre Martinis, and can give the player the Sierra Madre Martini perk.
■迪恩多米诺会制作Sierra Madre马提尼,并教给玩家制作Sierra Madre马提尼的perk。

■Dean Domino sings the song, "Something's Gotta Give" when you play the recording on the projector.
■当玩家在全息投影仪上播放录音时,迪恩的全息图会唱起Bing Crosby的名曲"Something's Gotta Give"。

■Though Dean is a ghoul, his voice is clear and accented, not raspy like other ghouls.

■Even though he doesn't have ears, his sunglasses stay on as if he did.

■When crouching, he makes a similar comment to Raul about his Knees

■An interesting glitch is that if you take his suit and leave him at his place for the gala affair, a Sierra Madre Jumpsuit will suddenly appear over the standard boxers, but only after. If you take his suit before, it will be the standard boxers until you escort him to his place in the gala affair and leave to escort the others.
■有趣的小差错:如果你拿走他的晚礼服然后把他留在开幕式的待命地点,一件Sierra Madre连体服会突然穿在迪恩的身上。如果你之前把迪恩的晚礼服拿走,迪恩会光着身子到达待命地点然后连体服突然出现。

Behind the scenes

■It is assumed that Dean Domino's name is an amalgamation of Dean Martin, American singer/actor/comedian, and Fats Domino, American rock and roll pianist and singer-songwriter. Dean Domino mentions that he worked for Imperial Records, which is a real life company that Fats Domino worked for.
■据推测,迪恩多米诺的名字是迪恩马丁(美国歌手,喜剧演员)和法茨多米诺(美国摇滚钢琴家,创作人)。迪恩多米诺曾提到他签约于Imperial Records,而这正是法茨多米诺在现实中签约的公司
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I'll blast your ass so far through your head,

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lounge singer不如翻“休闲歌手”?或“休闲乐歌手”
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■Domino can make Sierra Madre Martinis, and can give the player the Sierra Madre Martini perk.
■迪恩多米诺会制作Sierra Madre马提尼,并教给玩家制作Sierra Madre马提尼的perk。

大概不是制作吧?而是永久获得Sierra Madre Martinis的效果?
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